Crowd funding the dream! I Need YOU!

I’m trying to raise a bit of dosh to buy more glass tools and tuition – so I started a project on a website called BloomVC.

The idea is that you post a project there and give people rewards for offering to help you raise funds. I thought this would be a great way of raising some cash for things that I really want to get for the glass studio. The main thing primarily is a glass cutting maching that is omni directional and really amazing. Think of the shapes I could cut and the things I could make!

I’m also lusting after doing some fab courses at warm glass, particularly a lost wax one and ones working with images and glass … all these courses and equipment would make a huge dfference to what I could achieve with my glass.

In return for your show of support I’m offering rewards so amazing that you will hardly be able to resist …

Oh My God – A Gorgeous Pendant! How Can I resist???

For starters I’m offering a fused glass pendant if you pledge £15 worth of your support … thats a whole beautiful shiny glass pendant with a silver plated finding and a leather strap. Pretty amazing! Quick let me pledge now! I can’t wait another moment!!!

What an AWESOME brooch … I think I’m going to die from it’s beauty …

Yes my second reward … for the incredible promise of just £15 … you guessed it … is an amazingly beautiful and hard to live without glass brooch. You will have troubles stopping your friends from staring at your bosom area with this little sparkly beauty … Quick let me pledge now! I can’t wait another moment!!!

Behold – The amazing (roller) Coaster! Like nothing you’ve ever seen!!

Promise £20 and you’re in for a table protecting treat of a lifetime! These coasters are pretty spectacular even if I do say so myself … you’ll be placing your cup on a little glass throne all of its own. Oh did I mention they come in sets of four – what an amazing deal!! Quick let me pledge now! I can’t wait another moment!!!

Light Catcher! Wow Look At The Colours Flooding The Room! Woooooooo!

Pledge £30 and you can change the colours of your world! Want a few more rainbows in your life? Then this is the reward for you! An amazing and particularly gorgeous light catching thing-a-ma-ding you can dangle from your window and catch the rays and throw them accross your room in amazing technicolour! As an added bonus the chances of you finding a pot of gold are greatly increased when you have rainbows on tap. Quick let me pledge now! I can’t wait another moment!!!

A Bowl Beyond All Others!

Pledge JUST £30 and in return you’ll get a bowl of amazing and incredible beauty …. you might find it hard to eat your food warm anymore as you will be so distracted by its utter gorgeousness that you’ll forget where you are or what you are doing … a whole bowl full of lovelieness just for you baby … oh yeah – thats how much I’ll love you! Quick let me pledge now! I can’t wait another moment!!!

Art So Shiny and Lovely That Your Entire Life Will Be Transformed …

Lastly … Pledge just £60 and you’ll soon be adorning your front room with a lovely little peice of shiny fabulousness … I’ll be creating you an amazing piece of artwork that will make your friends ooh and ahhh when they see it. This is what you need to get amazing kudos from your friends and see your popularity swell to amazing heights … you will be the envy of the neighborhood. Quick let me pledge now! I can’t wait another moment!!!

Please note … these are actually the same price there abouts as I charge in my etsy and folksy shops – so it really is a great deal … and you’ll be helping me live the dream! and you’ll also be helping me fund my small glass addiction and you’ll be saving the world from another struggling artist … and you’ll have my eternal gratitude …. and it would make me so happy! 😀


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