Two tone fused glass bowl

This bowl has been on quite a journey! It was my first attempt at a bowl in my kiln. When I did the first firing on it I got a little bit over excited and opened the kiln too early which made it shatter and crack! I felt really stupid. Such a rookie mistake!!

The thing with bowls is that they are so much bigger (obviously) than the jewellery stuff I’ve made before and when the cool air hits them they are much less forgiving!

I decided to see what would happen if I simply reassembled it as best I could and put it through the firing again. When I opened the kiln this time I made sure it was back down to room temp! It was repaired!!

I’ve now put it through the slumping process and hey presto! It’s looking rather sexy!

It is a second or slightly faulty because of its history, and it’s got a few war wounds. But I’m really pleased with it none the less 😀



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